Hydroseeding is a specialized method for applying seed and a variety of growth-enhancing additives in a slurry mixture that is tailored to your site. The hydroseeding method provides a more even and uniform coverage of the seed mixture than traditional rotary or drop seeders.

Among the additives commonly used are liquid lime (for immediate soil ph change), soluble fertilizer, germination enhancers, polymers (for moisture retention and soil fixing), wood fiber mulch, recycled paper mulch, straw fiber mulch, and a variety of glue-like products to hold the mulch/soil in place until the grass is viable.

The seed mixture can be applied from a tower on the machine for large area coverage or on the ground utilizing hoses for close proximity application.

Hydromulching with a variety of mulch options is provided to the specific demands of the site.  Our preferred method of stabilizing soil and protecting hydroseeded areas is the application of straw mulch.  It generally is the most cost-effective product to provide the necessary conditions for vegetative growth.